Brand Management

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It is extremely important to keep your brand consistent across all platforms. Furthermore, what platforms should you be actively using?

You have a website.

Should you be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, Yelp, VK, Angie’s List, etc. etc.

How do you monitor your brand on all of these platforms?

How to Keep Your Branding Consistent on Social Media

An effective brand consists of a highly interconnected set of business identity attributes.

An effective brand consists of a highly interconnected set of business identity attributes. These attributes include things such as your distinct selling points and your core brand values. With the booming growth of digital marketing, consistent brand messages are becoming easier to implement. But most companies are at a loss as how to be more effective at telling your brand’s story in a visual and social media-savvy way.

However, one cool brand that has done this well is Colonial Ghosts, a ghost tour company that is a perfect case study for small companies looking at using consistent branding across social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.
Benefits of Consistent Branding

Effective communication of your business philosophy and brand message is tough. Making the effort to keep your messages consistent can help you cultivate a loyal customer following. The way your customers respond will change enormously if you focus on sending the right message.

Having a great brand with a well-structured communication plan will help you realize these benefits:
Marketing Tactics for Achieving Brand Consistency on Social Media

Your brand’s social media presences will dictate how your brand performs. A majority of consumers today use online media to research a brand before trying it out. If you manage to create an interesting online presence then you will drive up your conversions.

The Design and Graphical Elements

The look of your brand is determined by you logo, layout, colors and all other design elements. The visual identity of your brand is greatly affected by how these elements work. Facebook and Twitter contain a ton of customization options. Your company can create a visually stunning page which reflects your brand’s personality and message effectively.

Some general guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to visual branding:

Keep Your Message Content Consistent

Conflicting messages will confuse your customers and harm your brand. Hence, it is important to keep the content you share on social media channels consistent. Don’t bombard your users with the same content again and again. Keep the pace a bit varied; Twitter users and Facebook users expect very different posting frequencies from businesses.

Fans also do not like being constantly advertised to. Get a bit creative and utilize the power of social media creatively. Facebook and Twitter can be much more than simple promotional streams.

Share Curated Content With Brand-Related Themes

Social media accounts of brands that only promote or share their own products can become a bit boring for followers. It is important to post carefully curated content. You can share funny, interesting and informational content that you are sure your followers will respond to. However, an important thing to remember is to keep the curated content linked to the overall theme and identity of your business.

For example, if you are a healthcare or fitness business, you can share links to workout videos or interviews of known health fanatics.

Send Consistent Social Signals

There are tons of online platforms where users can search for information about your brand to keep your presence consistent. You can further strengthen your brand message by linking your presence across different social media platforms.

This is a great way to utilize your high reviews on a related platform to build up your reputation on Facebook. As you can see, their Facebook page has a TripAdvisor tab as well. Facebook fans can see the positive reviews without having to exit Facebook. They have even linked their TripAdvisor Reviews on the official Colonial Ghosts website. It’s recommended you take a look at their website and other websites doing it right so that you know how to go about it.