Search Engine Optimization

Eggheads will help you develop ideas and projects, transform your organization, and grow your business!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ask the Egghead Inc. is a  company with offices in Washington, DC, and Boston, MA specializing in Search Engine Optimization with over 18 years of experience in the industry. Our company’s rankings are in the top locally and globally. We have clients nationwide as well as many locally, and no matter where you are, we are the perfect solution for your SEO needs.

Organic SEO

The key to drumming up more business in the long term when you have a website is to get onto the first page of a search engine such as Google. This is where an Egghead comes in; we will get you there.

Local SEO

When you want to become well-known among your local area and be put on the map, literally, there is no better way than to enlist an Egghead’s services in doing this. We will put you on search maps so that when people search for your industry in your location, people will find you first.

SEO Guarantee / Disclaimer

Want to know more about our SEO services read our SEO Guarantee / Disclaimer.

Pay Per Click

Perhaps you’re looking to advertise to get your brand out there and pay per click on search engines and social media platforms. An Egghead can help you set up a campaign on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms.  The best platform is dependent on the type of customers you are looking for and the demographics of that customer.  We recommend that you build client persona’s so you have a solid description of what your ideal clients look like, this way your advertising funds are spent with sharpshooter precision maximizing the effectiveness of every dollar spent, vs. using a shotgun style approach and wasting incredible amounts of money chasing demographics that will never be your client.

Get more search engine traffic

Search Engine Optimization

Get found quickly and by the right audience with Ask the Egghead! With our services, your organization will it’s your way to the top of search engine results in no time!

Custom SEO Solutions to Maximize Your ROI

At Ask the Egghead, we don’t do cookie-cutter SEO services. Every business is different, so we create customized online strategies for every single one of our unique clients. We put you and your business at the heart of everything we do to ensure your tailored solutions meet both your business objectives and budgetary needs. We’ll also guard your marketing budget as if it were our own and only recommend strategies with a strong ROI potential. If you’ve been burned by other agencies, if you aren’t seeing a profitable return on your marketing efforts, then we can help.

Reasons to Invest in SEO

1) Your Competitors Are Doing It – When your competitors are investing in SEO and you’re not, their websites will move up in the rankings and yours will be invisible.

2) SEO Helps Your Customer Find Your Website – When potential customers search for products or services online, very few look beyond the first page of results, so it’s crucial that your website is there.

3) It’s Cost Effective – Ranking on page one of Google sends highly targeted traffic to your website, increases leads & sales, and builds your brand.

4) Most Transactions Begin with a Google Search – 81% of consumers and 77% of B2B customers use search engines to research their purchases.

Rank Higher on Search Engines with These 6 Steps

  1. Free 1 on 1 Expert Consultation from a Veteran SEO Strategist
  2. Strategy to Drive More Qualified Traffic, Leads, and Sales to Your Website
  3. Audit of Your Website and Top Keywords Using Powerful Software Tools
  4. Analysis of Your Competitors’ Online Marketing Efforts
  5. Content and Link Building Strategy to Improve Your Rankings
  6. No Pressure, Metric Driven Approach to Building Your Custom Digital Marketing Plan

On Page E-commerce SEO – Be The Most Relevant

E-commerce sites should provide original and useful content. Unfortunately, most e-commerce sites simply reuse manufacturer descriptions and low-quality content. Pages with reused or low-quality content have a much more difficult time ranking well. Our eggheads will work with you to improve your landing page content as well as your product descriptions.

As Google has gravitated to a mobile-first index, many webmasters and business owners believe that less content is better and that your site should be primarily imaged drive to give a better user experience.

Here are the areas on a typical page we focus on optimizing:

Title Tag

  • Add words like; “buy”, “cheap”, and “deals” to get more traffic and use magnet words like; “10% off” to increase your page’s CTR (click-through rate).

Description Tag

  • Include phrases like; “free shipping”, “great selection”, “all items on sale” to increase page’s (product’s) CTR.

Product and Category Page Content

  • Ideally 1000 words of content utilizing your keywords 3-5 times.