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Did you know the best way to rank up your web page is via Local Citations?

Local citations refer to your business information, such as name, address, website url, and phone number, being shared on website directories and other key internet platforms. Google (and many other search engines) use these citations to determine a business’s trustworthiness, by comparing data displayed on different citation sites. When there is a high level of data confirmation, search engines gain confidence in the business’s locations, services, and hours, and organically promote it to its users.

For this reason, when people search for local businesses online, the ones with the best citation strategy will always come up first. This is especially true for local search engines, such as Google Local/Maps. This makes a citation building process an essential part of your overall SEO strategy, especially if you are a local business with a physical location. For your site to end up with a prominent, local web presence, you must invest in a high-impact citation strategy.

Our Services

We help you take control of your online business data to ensure it is complete, accurate, and widely displayed. We offer the following services to most effectively create new listings, claim and update existing listings, and remove harmful duplicate listings.

Every month we work on over 2000 sites for over 500 businesses. We complete all of our work within ten days and allow our clients full managerial control of the strategy (including letting them handpick the sites that are most important to them). All our decisions are backed by extensive data and experience; we review hundreds, if not thousands, of top-ranked local pages for each project.

Our efforts are bolstered by our proprietary database that contains over 1500 directories, review sites, event sites, news sites, and blogs. Additionally, our database contains a roster of niche sites for over 40 different industries, and hundreds of towns, cities, and states.

Our services include:

Full Citation Audit

We research and analyze the current effectiveness of your citation strategy (or lack thereof). We check every one of your current citations, measuring consistency, accuracy, and frequency. We document correct and incorrect citations, ensuring no duplication. At the end of this process, we produce a full, detailed, report which includes the following:

  • All NAP variations.
  • Locations of all correct citations.
  • Locations of incorrect citations.
  • Quality of aggregator citations.
  • A blueprint for how to course correct your citation strategy yourself.

We consider this full business listings audit the most important first step of any future campaign, since these metrics guide the rest of our process. Many of our competitors don’t offer this service, wasting your time and money.

Local Citations

Local citations form the bedrock of any citation strategy. We determine and create a roster of the most influential websites for your local citation strategy, including online directories, review sites, event sites, news sites, and blogs. We ensure these sites are the absolute best for your niche and market, by categorizing them into three types:

  • Ego Directories. These are the highest trafficked, popular, and most authoritative directories.
  • Competitor Directories. We review your business’ keywords, and determine the most important directories for your industry and search engine results page (SERP).
  • Competitor Review Directories. We find Google-trusted directories by scraping competitor review directories.

Once we have determined the best websites to utilize, we manually submit your key business information to them (including name, url, contacts, address, phone number, short and long descriptions, list of services, opening hours, and logo). This manual submission process is a team effort. Your campaign will be handled by a single agent, overseen by a manager. Each submission is carefully planned, written, reviewed, and ultimately approved by those key parties. At a minimum this team will manually contact each website twice. This ensures the highest level of integrity and quality, both for each submission, and the campaign as a whole.

This ensures the highest likelihood of acceptance and accuracy for your citations. Meanwhile, we’re actively searching for existing citations, to avoid duplications and ensure all citations have the exact same information. Existing listings are manually claimed, new listings are manually submitted, and all email verifications are monitored. To keep you updated on our efforts, we create full submission reports with screenshots, links to live listings, and login details for every citation.

Once this work has been completed, we send a monthly report that shows your site’s rank in keywords and reputation compared to its competitors.

Data Aggregator Citations

In addition to manual submissions, we also offer our clients Data Aggregators access by API connection or via a custom dashboard. Data Aggregators lend their information to a wide list of directories, review sites, and mobile apps. Employing Data Aggregators is an effective way to mass create business citations on a diverse range of websites. There are five main data aggregators in the US (and one internationally), and through us, you have access to all of them.

Social Citations

Social media has never been more important. We will keep you ahead of the curve by ensuring you get the crucial social media citations you need to round out your strategy. We deliver the best social citations via careful, manual submissions and premium content. This strategy will ultimately deliver the highest authority, most legitimate links and citations.

Rich Media Citations

Directory submissions are great, but we can take them to the next level with geo-tagged photos and videos, and citation/links from rich media sources. We can also develop engaging video slideshows, complete with music, graphics, and text. These presentations can be streamlined for improved SEO and include geo-metadata. Once we get your thumbs up, we send these presentations to the top video hosting websites, which results in the highest quality links and citations.

Why Ask the Egghead?

Save Time & Money

  • We offer a comprehensive suite of services; no need to jump between different providers.
  • Focus on your core business rather than spending time checking, updating, and creating citations.
  • The $1295 price includes a year worth of our services, with no additional billing.

Get the Best Service

  • We are not just a citation building service–we are a holistic practitioner of SEO.
  • We routinely audit and update your citations, to ensure you get the most from our service.
  • Our manual agent-manger team submission process ensures the most accurate, highest quality citations.
  • We stay up-to-date and employ all the industry’s best practices.
  • We boast over a decade of experience, and thousands of hours of learning by trial and error.
  • We customize our services for each project and client. No campaign will ever be the same.

Get Transparent & Lasting Results

  • We send clear, detailed, and timely reports on all our work and its effectiveness.
  • You own your listings. Everything we build is for you, including profile, login, and citation map.
  • Unlike competitors, we guarantee results even after you unsubscribe.
  • Our processes ensure our citations last for years after submission.
  • Perfectly synergizes with an organic link-building strategy.