The world isn’t black and white, so why does your website need to be black and white? Ok – there aren’t many entirely black and white websites. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t make the web more colorful. And to give you the inspiration to do just that, we’ve collected some gorgeous examples of colorful websites to get your creative juices flowing.

While it would be easy to fill this list with websites from design and branding agencies, we tried to find websites that span all niches and design styles. That means you’ll find agencies, eCommerce stores, SaaS products, F&B companies, and more. The only unifying factor is that they’re all colorful!

Jump in and get inspired…

1. Odd Pears Socks

colorful websites

Odd Pears goes with a bold colorful look that matches the quirky socks that they sell. So not only is their website design eye-catching, but it also fits their brand and aesthetic.

While the actual product pages aren’t quite as colorful, the socks themselves still add a dose of color to the entire site. Definitely a cool eCommerce store (even if it is built on Shopify instead of WooCommerce!)

2. Bonnaroo


Bonnaroo, the massive music and arts festival in Manchester, TN, goes with a colorful psychedelic look that meshes well with the spirit of the festival.

The bold header is site-wide, so visitors to every page are going to get a serious dose of color.

3. Aida


Aida is a New York City-based line of “eating and entertaining essentials. “ They have whimsical branding that’s reflected in their site’s colorful design.

While Aida’s website does incorporate tons of colors, it still manages to put product imagery front and center.

4. Mambo Mambo

Mambo Mambo

Mambo Mambo is a branding agency with about as bold and colorful a homepage as you’ll find. Beyond the eye-catching colors, Mambo Mambo’s site also features a neat scroll effect as you move down the rest of the colorful page.

5. Milkable


Milkable is a creative agency with an attention-grabbing and colorful homepage. Despite the bevy of milk branding, Milkable is, as far as I can tell, not funded by the dairy industry.

6. Baianat


Baianat is a web and graphic design studio with a bold red homepage. Beyond their own site, you can also find plenty more colorful websites in Baianat’s client list. It appears Baianat is an overall fan of color!

7. Avocado


Colorful websites aren’t limited to design agencies! At least that’s what this Japanese restaurant (that serves Mexican food) proves. The full-width hero video is framed by colorful graphics.

Avocado maintains the same colorful style as you scroll through the menu and contact information.

8. Perfect Day

Perfect Day

While Milkable wasn’t about milk, Perfect Day keeps a similar aesthetic to…actually talk about milk. Well, not dairy milk – but “animal-free dairy products that taste like the real thing.”

9. Litmus


Litmus is a good example of how SaaS products can still have colorful websites. This is a tool to help improve email deliverability. And while that’s a fairly dry subject, this company keeps things exciting with its colorful website design.

10. Wistia


Wistia is another SaaS company that doesn’t shy away from color. Beyond the teal background, they bring in dashes of other colors with the pencils, oranges, and other desk items.

In addition to looking great, the colorful design helps reinforce their branding of “Built for business. Way more fun.”

11. 3 Sided Cube

3 Sided Cube

3 Sided Cube is an app development shop with a bold neon homepage. They also don’t beat around the bush with that they do! The iPhone mockup screens help to make the neon green background less overwhelming and add some additional color.

12. PepsiCo Beverage Facts


Let’s mix things up by getting a major corporation into the list! PepsiCo Beverage Facts is PepsiCo’s website where consumers can learn more about what goes into PepsiCo’s beverages.

It features a colorful blue design that fits PepsiCo’s branding.

13. Chipotle Savor Wavs

Chipotle Savor Wavs

Chipotle Savor Wavs is a “musical and visual experience” based on Chipotle’s ingredients. Yeah, that’s fairly odd. But it’s also a great example of a colorful website.

14. Essentially Geared Wine

Essentially Geared Wined

Wine in a can? Yes, that is part of what Essentially Geared Wine is advertising on its website. As you scroll down the website, the colors on both the can and the background change. Like Aida, it manages to both be colorful and incorporate plenty of product visuals.

15. Packwire


Packwire is a service that helps people create custom boxes. For example, an eCommerce store could use Packwire to create branded boxes to ship their products in.

Because cardboard boxes aren’t the most exciting industry, Packwire is another good example of how you can use color to make a dull industry a little less boring.

16. Anywhere


Anywhere is a “handbook for digital nomads” from AND CO. While the product imagery itself is already colorful, the bright red background only takes things up a notch.

This one is both a good example of a colorful website as well as a handy resource if you’re a location-independent developer.

17. 7UP Lemon Lemon


Autoplaying music aside, 7UP Lemon Lemon Netherlands is another nice example of how FMCG companies can create a colorful website.

18. Havaianas


Known best for their flip-flops, Havaianas sells sandals and accessories via their colorful store. Havaianas has always had a fairly beachy/tropical brand, so the bright colors fit well with their overall aesthetic.

19. Deskpass


Deskpass is a coworking pass that gives subscribers access to 135+ coworking spaces for one monthly rate.

Their bold yellow look keeps things light and casual, which fits the branding that most coworking enthusiasts enjoy.

20. Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea is a popular brand of flavored iced tea. Their product packaging has always been colorful, so it’s fitting that their website is equally as colorful.

21. Austin Beer Works

Austin Beer Works

Austin Beer Works is another beverage company that relies on bold colors to showcase their beers. And like Essentially Geared Wine, Austin Beer Works incorporates actual product imagery into its colorful design.

22. Word Counter

Word Counter

Word Counter is a nice example of a simple web app that uses color well in its design. The entire tool is one page, but it manages to differentiate itself from many of the similar tools by incorporating colorful blue tones.

23. Huxtaburger


Huxtaburger is another restaurant that’s not afraid to incorporate colors into its website design. The homepage sets a colorful tone that extends throughout the rest of the website.

24. Fotonaut


Fotonaut is a Czech service that rents out photo booths for parties and events. They heavily market how entertaining their photo booths are, so it’s only fitting that Fotonaut has its own colorful, entertaining design.

25. Survival Russian

Survival Russian

Survival Russian is a “machine-learning app” to help users improve their Russian skills. While learning a language is a bit of a dry topic, the colorful design certainly keeps things from being boring.

Wrapping Things Up

I hope you enjoyed these 25 examples of colorful websites! Used right (that part is important), color can enhance your website designs and make for a more enjoyable experience.

Additionally, color can also enhance branding, which is especially notable with many of the whimsical products or design studios featured. Or, it can make a boring topic like cardboard boxes a little more exciting.

Now over to you – do you know any great colorful websites that are worth sharing?

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