YouTube is one of the best ways to learn about anything and, fortunately for all us Divi users, that includes Divi. There are lots of excellent Divi tutorials on YouTube in all skill levels. There are even several channels devoted to designing websites with Divi. In this article we’ll look at 6 Divi design YouTube channels you should follow.

Some of these channels include tutorials for WordPress in general and other WordPress products, such as WooCommerce, while others completely dedicated to Divi. Most include design tips, how-to’s, reviews, and even some Divi news.

A quick word about the channels – I’m only including those in English, but there are several channels in other languages, so it’s worth searching if English isn’t your only language. Also, I’m choosing channels that post often and have recent videos. There are several that have lots of videos but haven’t posted in a year. As you know a lot has changed with Divi in the past year, so the information in those channels might be different from the current edition of Divi.

Now, on to the Divi YouTube channels. They’re in no particular order.

1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is of course the channel of this very website. It has multiple videos per week with lots of tutorials and tricks for Divi. They do three live shows with chat and questions answered on the air. Live streams are Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, and Friday afternoon. Videos include how to’s, information about Divi layouts, feature updates, sneak peeks, and lots more. It also has a few videos about WordPress in general. Topics are aimed at all levels and are taught by many members of the esteemed Elegant Themes crew.

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2. Divi Chat

Divi Chat is a live show where some of the top Divi designers talk about a specific topics around Divi. Topics also include business and anything going on around the web. They discuss practically anything imaginable that would benefit Divi designers that run their own agencies including building courses, Facebook ads, using Jetpack with Divi, GDPR, handling client contracts, freelancing, and lots more. The live shows with chat are every Tuesday afternoon.

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3. Josh Hall

Josh Hall focuses on web design using Divi with the goal of helping aspiring Divi web designers run their own business. His channel includes lots of tutorials of how to make customizations in Divi such as overlapping logos, dropdown menus, overlapping images, and a back to top button. Other tutorials include using CSS, adding Google Analytics, MailChimp. He even interviews top web designers about scaling your web design business with Divi. He publishes a few times per month.

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4. Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson is an instructor teaching how to create websites using Divi. Many of the videos are specific to Divi and lots of those that are not still include Divi. Divi tutorials include the shape divider, CSS, how to make a website with Divi, how to make a store with Divi, creating a child theme, and more. He also does a lot of comparisons and reviews, going through the Divi Builder and comparing Divi with competing products. He publishes from weekly to multiple times per week with at least one Divi video per month and sometimes more.

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5. Web Contempo

Web Contempo mostly focuses on Divi but has a few other tutorials and platforms thrown in the mix. It has lots of tutorials and walkthroughs in creating websites with Divi. It also includes Divi plugin reviews with tutorials, website critiques, website design before and after, and more. It also includes a few hosting and general WordPress tutorials. Publication is typically weekly, but can sometimes vary.

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6. System 22 I.T. Solutions

System 22 I.T. Solutions produces a lot of content about Divi. They also cover Bootstrap 4, CSS, HTML, general WordPress, SEO, graphics, and WooCommerce. Divi tutorials cover custom WooCommerce product pages, example media queries, complete series on creating a one-page website, placing an image behind menus, CSS with Divi modules and plugins, shape dividers, building a store, and lots more. They publish several Divi videos per week.

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Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at 6 Divi design YouTube channels you should follow. They cover a lot of information and provide many tutorials to help you hone your Divi skills. Many also include tutorials for WordPress in general, and some even provide business tips to help build your knowledge in all areas of your web design business.

Some of the channels have links to their websites and social media, which can provide even more articles and information to help build your Divi skills and web design business. Many of them follow other channels that might be of interest to the aspiring Divi designer. One little trick to help find similar channels is to click on CHANNELS on any YouTube channel to see who they follow.

I have subscribed to every one of these Divi YouTube channels and I recommend that you do too!

If you’re interested in learning more about creating your own videos for your channel, and even embedding them within your website, take a look at some of the articles here on the Elegant Themes blog:

We want to hear from you. Which of these Divi design YouTube channels are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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