Online courses are one of the best ways to make money online. Anyone with knowledge in a topic can create a course and fortunately WordPress is a great platform to host it. Even better is the fact that Divi is well-suited for eCourses and even has several third-party child themes available to get you started quickly. In this article we’ll take a look at Divi child themes that are perfect for eCourse websites.

Since there’s a lot more to discuss about eCourses than the child theme, I’ve included a few links at the end of the best eCourse plugins and how to create a school with WordPress. I’ve also included a bonus layout for those that don’t want to change their current theme but still have a school look to their website. The child themes are in no particular order.


IQTRACE is a school theme with six pages including Home, Governance Board, Students & Parents, Enroll, News & Events, and Login. Also included is a call to action and styled contact form. The design uses several split-screen elements with overlays to one side and the image by itself on the other. The theme has a clean look that works well for any type of tutoring, business, or financial course.

2. Success Trainer

Success Trainer was designed for mentors, business coaches, business trainers, marketers, and authors and is a great choice for any type of course in those fields. It’s designed for WooCommerce and includes 9 pages, 5 store page layouts, a project page layout, and 2 home page layouts. The menu includes a CTA. Custom modules include a slim subscribe section, contact form, custom photo for team members, custom project portfolio grid, and a custom testimonials slider. Section are separated with diagonal lines and triangles. It includes styling for Bloom.

3. Free Spirit

Free Spirit was made specifically for coaches who offer courses. Five pages are included: Home, Blog, About Me, Courses, and Contact. Several of the pages include custom headers. The menu expands from the side and includes a background image. The Courses page uses an overlay in parallax with toggles to provide information about the courses. The blog page includes a slim email form. The blog layout on the home page has a one of the most unique layouts that I’ve seen. The blue and tan colors create an elegant atmosphere and the tiny details add lots of finishing touches that make the design stand out.

4. Ventura

Ventura was designed specifically for use with LifterLMS. It comes with 20 pages which includes two different versions of the homepage and all of the LifterLMS pages to create and display your courses, a custom blog, and lots more. The LifterLMS pages include sample course pages to help you get started in your course design. It also has 3 custom Bloom opt-in forms. Category CTA’s draw visitors to specific categories that interest them. Two premium plugins, Divi Layout Injector and Divi Taxonomy Injector, are included.

5. Mocha Corporate

Mocha Corporate is a business theme that suggests eCourses as one of its uses. It includes 13 custom pages and 20 styled Divi modules (including audio and video modules which are great for individual lessons) with multiple styles of each one. It has a styled blog page and 3 different blog post layouts. It has a CTA in the menu. The blue and green styles work great for any type of e-course with a business focus.

6. Trend

Trend was designed for online courses and membership websites using the Paid Membership Pro plugin (the free version imports on install, which I recommend unless you want add-ons). Page layouts include the Home Page, About Us, Contact, Blog, Blog Post, General Courses, Course, and Lesson. The child theme has lots of styled modules, interesting animations, diagonal section separators, and a mega menu. The example courses pages help you get started quickly.


BRUNO is a multipurpose business theme that’s perfect for online courses. The 10 page layouts includes the expected business and corporate pages, but also includes a courses page that displays each course with a CTA. Customizations also include 6 styled modules, Caldara Contact Us form, mouse-over animations, and animated backgrounds. The premium Testimonials Slider plugin is included. Even with its business focus, the styling would work well with any course topic.

8. Divi Edu

Divi Edu was designed for colleges, universities, and schools and works great for both onsite and online classes. It comes with dozens of pages and blog layouts including 2 pages for available courses and 5 pages for example courses to help you get started with your course design. All the expected school pages are here from faculty to downloads. The 8 blog layouts are enhanced with the Divi Blog Extras plugin which is included for free. Pages use an interesting header and a revealed footer. The dark blue and white colors work perfectly with the university design.

9. BONUS: University & College Layout

University & College Layout is a free home page layout designed specifically for universities and colleges and is a great choice if you want to add a school design to your Divi website without using a pre-made child theme. This is a high-quality layout with a modern design. It has 7 sections that includes hero, numbers counter, introduction, study fields, students, contact form, and a footer. Using the layout as your template you can make variations for courses and other pages to support or promote your course.

Adding eCourse Plugins

Most of the Divi child themes do not include plugins for courses so you’ll have to add these on your own. Some child themes are designed to work with any of the plugins. The advantage to this is you get to choose which course management plugin you want to use. Others are built around a specific course plugin such as LifterLMS or Paid Membership Pro. The advantage to this approach is the pages and design can be more specific to that plugin.

For information about adding online course plugins to any of these Divi child themes see these articles here at the Elegant Themes blog:

Final Thoughts

Divi is an excellent platform for online courses. Whether you want a simple site that allows you to charge for access to a page or have a complete learning management system with certificates and upselling, these Divi child themes have what you need to build your online course website with Divi.

We want to hear from you. Which is your favorite Divi child theme for eCourses? Let us know in the comments below.

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