Welcome to Part 1 of 4 of our mini series Divi Website Design Pricing where we’re exploring effective Divi website price ranges and providing some actionable ideas on how to price your web design services.

Let’s be honest, web design pricing is all over the place. It’s hard to know how much to charge when websites are going anywhere from a couple hundred dollars or less to several thousand, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no quick answer to the question “How much should a website cost?” In this post, we’re going to explore some standard and average price ranges for custom Divi website builds which are catered to small to medium size businesses.

Before we dive in, here’s a look ahead at the full series as we’ll be addressing numerous pricing questions and ideas in upcoming posts:

  1. Effective Price Ranges for Your Divi Website Builds
  2. Deciding How Much to Charge for Your Divi Web Design Services
  3. 5 Pricing Model Options for Your Divi Website Design Business
  4. How and When to Talk About Pricing with your Divi Web Design Clients

By way of preface:

  • This post and series is specific to pricing for Divi website designs. Custom website builds, other CMS platforms like Joomla or Drupal and Ecommerce solutions may be on a different pricing scale and on the flip side, turnkey solutions like quick Child Theme builds and other builders like Wix and Squarespace may also be on a different average scale. Please reference our General Pricing Guide for WordPress Websites for some good pricing tips on custom WordPress builds and turnkey solutions.
  • I’m based in Columbus, Ohio – a midwest City where prices are often not as high as big cities like New York, Chicago or L.A., but aren’t as low as smaller cities. Average pricing for web design is often dependent on where you’re located. This post will explore some average price ranges in my area which are a good middle of the road pricing range. Just keep in mind that the average in your area might be a little higher or a little lower.
  • Pricing throughout the series will be referred to in USD($) and again, is based off of my experience as a freelance website designer in a mid-west city. Pricing averages will again vary depending on your location and whether you’re a one man shop or have a team and an office location.
  • Keep in mind that when you’re just starting out, you may have to start out on the lower end of the spectrum and gradually charge more as time goes on and you become more experienced.

Ok, now that we’ve covered some initial details, let’s get to it!

Effective Price Ranges for Your Divi Website Builds

I often compare web design cost to a car. If someone asks you, “How much does a car cost?” The answer will depend on the car make, model, dealer, location, etc. Likewise, in web design, the cost will depend on the many variables involved.

Variables like:

  • What’s the size and scope of the project?
  • What functionality and integrations are involved?
  • What’s the clients budget and are they willing to invest more if they see the value?
  • Are you training people on how to use the site?
  • Are you charging enough to make a profit?

And the list goes on. Many of these questions and variables should be figured out BEFORE you give an estimate or quote. See our previous post on creating a website questionnaire for more details on creating an effective questionnaire. Again, there is no right or wrong amount to charge but it must be profitable for you, the web designer and it must be a rewarding investment for the client. My pricing is usually between the middle to upper middle price range in my area. I’m not the most expensive, but I’m certainly not the cheapest. My pricing has served me well over the past few years and though I don’t land every potential job, I’ve landed enough to make a good living designing sites with Divi.

Ok, let’s explore some average costs and some real world examples of small to large Divi sites I built and what I charged. My website designs typically land within 4 ranges of pricing:

1) Small Divi Site

One-pagers or smaller landing page style sites – This is one of the more practical ways to go about creating a site for a business on a budget, an app or a company that is just starting out. This can be ideal for creating multiple sections on one page instead of a multipage site. And clients can hire you to add pages and build onto what’s been created moving forward.

Average Price Range: $500 – $1,500

Depending on the amount of sections, graphics and variables stated above, this is an average price range in my area. My starting point for even just a landing page site is generally on the higher end of that but occasionally I’ll dip if it’s something I think can be done quickly or a project I’m passionate about.

Here are a couple examples of real world one page sites and what I charged:

Turner’s Barber Shop – $1,750

This is a pretty large one page site and would likely have been moved up to the next level if the client wanted anymore pages or functionality. But I kept the build in this range for the client as this was a local business that I felt strongly about helping out and their previous site had much of the content and graphics already in place. And the client signed up for my maintenance plan which is now a source of monthly revenue for me. Personally, this is about as big as I’d make a one page site as this could very easily be reworked into a 5-10 page site if the client chooses to scale moving forward.

Tammy’s Pizza – $950

This project was also a local business who happens to be a friend of the family so I kept my dev cost low for them. At this point in my career, I rarely dip below $1,500 for even a one page build but in this case, this client has a very robust network of professionals so for me, this is also viewed as a sales piece for my business and an opportunity to generate some good, new leads.

2) Medium Divi Site

Brochure style/information based site – I consider sites in the medium range to be sites that are generally between 5-15 pages that are more static and information based. This would be a site that has galleries, some basic functionality and is generally the kind of sites that most small businesses have. Sites like this don’t often have too much user engagement or functionality other than call, email or contact.

Average Price Range: $1,500 – $3,000

Cost for me will generally depend on the amount of pages, how many contact forms, galleries and special pages are being developed, etc.

Here are a couple examples of real world medium size sites and what I charged:

Tarrier Steel – $2,950

This is a prime example of a good medium size “brochure style” site. This client solely wanted a site that represented them better online and had galleries of their work, pictures of their staff and a nice contact page. Their total investment was higher as I designed the logo, brochures and photographed many of the images on the site but the price above was their investment for the actual website build.

Safe Check Home Inspections – $1,750

This site is a little more advanced than a standard brochure style site as the client is adding his own blogs but this is someone in my networking group and is a new local business and had much of the content already in place, so I provided a good deal. This was a very quick build for me and the client had next to no revisions which made the design process even smoother. Similar to the project above, I designed a brochure and business cards for this client which were separate charges but that was the total cost for the website build.

3) Large Divi Site

Larger sites with more integrations, site additions and scaling potential – This range is generally a site that has anywhere between 15-30 pages and has more advanced functionalities like a blog that the client manages, events, etc. This also requires client training and a little more backend work. You can refer back to our full Client Documentation series to see more on that.

Average Price Range: $3,000 – $5,000

Here are a couple examples of real world large size sites I built and what I charged:

Production Plus Corp – $3,000

This site was a redesign of a site that was already WordPress and had the Woocommerce store up and running. Though it was a big redesign and we added new functionality and integrations, much of the content and products were already in place, so that helped cut down on my development time. This site would typically land in the extra large range, but again, the prebuilt work and content saved me on nearly half of my usual development time which I factored into the cost.

Kent Smith Photography – $5,000

At first glance, this site may look like a medium size, brochure style site but I looped this in with my large range being that they wanted a very unique design geared toward their high end customers. Their staff also runs their blog and there are some advanced order forms and client pages in the backend of the site that are unseen from the front end.

4) Extra Large Divi Site

E-commerce & large scale sites – This generally includes sites that are online stores that are built with WooCommerce or are large sites with events, advanced integrations or are built for scale. Client training, SEO and other variables also contribute to sites in this range.

Average Price Range: $5,000 – $10,000+

Here are a couple examples of real world extra large size sites and what I charged:

Logo Images, LLC – $3,950

This project was done for a local family business so I tried to be as reasonable as possible on my end of development. The client was also very savvy and picked up WooCommerce and WordPress quickly which made development process even smoother for me. I often take that into consideration when estimating the cost of the site. This is certainly on the lower end of this scale project but again, for me, once I got the store and site set up, I empowered the client to take off with it and it was a very pleasant, profitable experience! They also signed up for my maintenance plan from the start which led me to cut down on their initial investment.

Safex – $6,500

This project included some creative custom Divi design along with some advanced work with WooCommerce, Events Calendar and some payment integration with their merchant account. I was able to pull much of the content from their old site but none the less had my work cut out for me with a large build of this size. With their pages, events and blog posts, this started out at close to 100 pages/posts/events. This was originally quoted at $5,500 and immediately upon launch had some custom php work that was done with their events/calendar registration so the project ended up at the total above.

Again, one thing to consider with these price ranges are the variables mentioned above, what the average price range is in your area and as I just mentioned, how the experience will be working with the client. If I think I’ll love working with a client and they’ll be organized and competent, I’ll often consider that in the proposal and take the cost down accordingly. This average pricing scale is also suited for me and my flexible freelance web and graphic design business. I work from home and don’t have the overhead and payroll that an agency or big team may have.

So where’s the best place to be price point wise?

For me, it’s somewhere in the middle to upper middle. I’m there currently because, at the time of writing this article, I’ve been running my web design business for nearly 7 years. My prices were much lower at the start but I’m continuing to raise them as bigger projects and better clients come along.

For you, it may be higher or lower. If you’re just starting out, perhaps you can start out at the lower end of these average price ranges. If you’re an experienced, competent designer with overhead and a team, perhaps your range is at the higher end or farther above.

In Closing

Well I hope this article has given you a good frame of reference for small to large custom Divi website pricing. Again, my projects usually fall within these 4 price ranges and I can adjust my quote from there. Be sure to keep an eye on the rest of the series as we’ll dive into some actionable, practical ways for you to figure out the best pricing for YOUR Divi Web Design Business!

If this post helped you out or gave you a good frame of reference for your pricing, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Tomorrow – Deciding How Much to Charge for Your Divi Web Design Services

Now that we’ve discussed some standard prices and costs for different Divi web design builds, it’s time to figure out how much you want to charge for YOUR web design business to see what works best for you and your clients! Join us tomorrow as we dive into this in more detail!

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