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Ask the Egghead, Inc. is seeking funding for its expansion, sales & marketing.

Ask the Egghead, Inc. is actively seeking investment to bolster our sales and marketing strategies in Q1 2024. Our objective is to secure $100,000.00 during the first and second quarters of this year. The capital will be strategically allocated to enhance our online presence through advertising on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google, including both AdWords and Google My Business. Additionally, we plan to extend our reach through diverse marketing channels, notably participating in small business trade shows. These events are crucial for engaging directly with small business owners and emerging startups.

A significant portion of the funds will also be dedicated to the development of cutting-edge AI-based marketing and sales systems. This investment in technology is aimed at revolutionizing our approach to market analysis, customer engagement, and sales optimization. By leveraging AI, we intend to significantly enhance our operational efficiency and effectiveness, thereby fueling our growth in a competitive landscape.

In line with technological advancements and our operational needs, approximately 25% of the raised funds will be dedicated to upgrading our hardware infrastructure.

Regarding the repayment terms, we will commence the repayment process 20-30 days following the receipt of the funds. We are offering a more investor-friendly annual interest rate of 12%-16%, with a preference for larger investment amounts and/or extended repayment periods. This revised interest rate structure is designed to be mutually beneficial, rewarding our investors for their trust and support in our innovative and growth-oriented journey.



Interest Rate*


*An annual interest rate of 18%-24% will be paid with preference being given to larger funding packages.

Legal Stuff

  • Ask the Egghead, Inc. is a Wyoming Corporation.  
  • Ask the Egghead, Inc. makes no guarantees that are not specifically stated here or written into any subsequent loan agreement.
  • Repayment will be made via monthly payments of principal and interest spread out over 72 months*.  
  • Funding for repayment will be derived from existing monthly revenue.  
  • No funding package of less than $5,000.00 will be considered.
  • Minimum repayment term 72 months, maximum repayment term 120 months.  

*Loan terms are negotiable from 48-84 months, with longer repayment terms preferred and higher interest rates paid on preferred terms.

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