Hey Divi Nation! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since last year’s awesome WordCamp Orange County experience but here we are and it’s time for us to head out there again. It seems like this particular WordCamp is fast becoming a tradition in our community and I’m 100% ok with that. As best I can tell there are around 20 people in our community attending WordCamp Orange County this year (plus a handful of us from the Elegant Themes staff). Tickets always go fast and if you don’t get one the first day or two they’re up then it can be quite difficult. But that’s were events like this meetup come in!

Regardless of whether or not you can attend WCOC, all are welcome to our Divi Nation meetups (not tickets required). If you’d like to join us for food, drinks, and a great time at Eureka! in Irvine, California at 4pm on Friday June 9th, we would love to see you there!.

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Divi Nation Meetup: 4pm Friday June 9th @ Eureka! in Irvine, California


Photo credit David Blackmon

As you can see in the image above, taken at last year’s event, there is plenty of room at the Eureka! restaurant for a large group to sit together and hang out. Last year we got together at Eureka! on the last day of WordCamp Orange County but this year it’s going to be the first thing we do. Most people will be arriving on Friday and so we’re going to kick the whole weekend off by meeting here to catch up and share a meal together.

Myself and the rest of the Elegant Themes’ staff attending will be bringing our purple “Powered by Divi” t-shirts for anyone attending who wants one. We’ll also begin what is sure to be a amazing weekend of shop talk, live interviews, casual conversations, growing friendships and all kinds of cool stuff. Don’t miss out!

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A Big Thank You to the Community Organizers

One of the truly amazing things about the Divi Nation is that the community is so passionate and so self-sufficient and self-organized that these events almost always tend to spring out of their initiative. And that is certainly the case for this meetup.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who have been instrumental in making this meetup and the whole WCOC/Divi Nation weekend tradition a thing:

In no particular order, thank you to…

Geno Quiroz

Leslie Bernal

Adam Inlay

Cory Jenkins

David Blackmon

Olga Summerhayes

Sarah Oats

SJ James

Terry Hale

Tammy Grant

Tim Strifler

Tami Heaton

Shannon Shaffer

And anyone else who has helped to get this event and weekend off the ground. If I missed you or someone you know of please mention them in the comments!

Highlights From Last Year (And What to Expect This Year)

I couldn’t post about the next WordCamp Orange County without sharing some of the highlights from last year. Last year’s camp was a really special event that probably won’t be duplicated this year, but continued in a new and wonderful tradition.

This time around we have not just one but two large airbnb homes for the community to meet in. One booked and organized by the community members mentioned above and another by us. So in addition to this first meetup we expect there to be lots of after-hour hanging out at these locations and possible other public spaces too. So stay tuned for more updates as the weekend of June 9th comes closer!

Hope to See You There!

As I said at the top of this post there is no limit to the number of people who can come and hang out with the Divi Nation while we’re attending WordCamp Orange County. So if you’d like to attend this first get together and get updates on the ones to follow for that weekend then be sure to join our meetup page and RSVP for this event.

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