We all know that mommy blogging is huge. From parenting advice, product reviews, to hilarious stories about wacky things the little ones do, people go nuts for them. But don’t forget that dad blogs are also a big thing. They aren’t quite as widespread as mom blogs, but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in awesome puns and boundless personality.

Giving readers valuable insight into day-to-day parenthood from the lesser-discussed paternal perspective, you may find something here that makes it into your bookmarks folder or into your Feedly.

These dad blogs shy away from the stereotype of parenting blogs being built on that other blogging platform, too. Even cooler than that, these tech-savvy papa bears often band together and use the tools that come along with WordPress to set up entire social networks within their brands.

1. Life of Dad

Dad Blogs

Branding itself as the social network for dads, Life of Dad has brought together a fantastic community of fathers who share their experiences and collaborate to make a one-stop dad shop. With everything from a podcast repository, entertainment articles, geeky toy recommendations, to celebrity sports-dad profiles, there has to be something for you here or you’re not looking hard enough.

2. The Dad Network

Dad Blogs

Not all dad blogs have to be solely about the kids. Parenthood is as much about the world around the kids as it is the little tykes themselves. The Dad Network has lots of articles about what it’s like to be a dad, ways you can be a better dad, and how to keep up healthy adult relationships when your life is made up of Legos in the floor, gummy vitamins, and wet wipes. Topics can range from a partner having multiple miscarriages to losing that Dad Bod through diet and exercise.

3. HighTechDad

Dad Blogs

HighTechDad is cool, and the blog fits into a niche that is pretty common in the dad blog niche. That of the ever-present geek dad. But Michael does it well and better than most. Instead of solely talking about comic books, video games, and geeky entertainment (which I admittedly am all about on personal level), he discusses practical use of technology and how it can improve both the parents’ and the children’s lives. If you haven’t already, do the clicky thing and read some stuff.

4. Dad or Alive

Dad Blogs

Y’all, Dad or Alive is some funny stuff. It’s rare for me to laugh out loud at a blog post, but this one gets me. I’m not sure if it’s the candor with which he writes or the topics, but there are some good stories here that will both warm your heart and see what parenthood can be, both in the ups and downs and everything in between.

5. The Good Men Project

Dad Blogs

You’ve probably heard of The Good Men Project before now. It is one of the most well-known dad blogs out there, and that’s partly (mostly?) because of the incredbly high quality of the posts. It’s interesting to see a dad blog with an entire menu item devoted to Ethics alongside Sex & Relationships and Dads & Families. The writers don’t shy away from tough topics, and the editorial process makes it worth reading because you know that if something is published here, it’s more than just stream-of-consciousness ranting.

6. 8-Bit Dad

Dad Blogs

Remember when I said geeky dad blogs were everywhere? I meant it. 8-Bit Dad started as tag-team effort in which two self-professed ‘80s kids wanted to write about being, you guessed it, geeky dads, and the site has since brought on half a dozen contributors who each give some great stories and advice on how to be chill parents and raise tech-friendly kiddos. They also have a podcast, so that’s added points.

7. How To Be A Dad

Dad Blogs

For a site titled How To Be A Dad, their about page really isn’t about that. They don’t claim to be experts, nor do they try to be. The blog approaches parenthood and dadhood from a boots-on-the ground perspective, but that doesn’t mean they’re altogether serious about any of it (or more serious than they have to be). Their about page reminds readers that love and humor are important in parenting, while other times protective headgear may take precedence. Because kids.

8. Dad and Buried

Dad Blogs

Don’t you just love all the puns that dad blogs use for their titles? It makes reading them so enjoyable. When you find a dad blog like Dad and Buried, you just have to click in because it is obvious from the get-go what you’re getting yourself into.

Dad and Buried, in addition to having really fun and insightful pieces on parenthood, also has a section called “Buried Secrets” where visitors can anonymously vent and talk about their lives and kids without repercussion, similar to the anonymous apps that make the rounds on social media every so often. They’re almost as entertaining to read through as the blog itself.

9. The DADventurer

Dad Blogs

Continuing the fine tradition of tremendously wonderful dad-blog puns, The DADventurer tackles the topic as a process, a journey. He has blogs from the perspective of a newbie, vlogs about what he has learned and how he is growing as a father, and even more content about how the whole process starts over once a new little one is expected. Based in the UK, he offers an international perspective in the US-dominated dad blogosphere.

10. No Idea What I’m Doing

Dad Blogs

Boy, oh boy, can we all relate to this blog. Maybe not the growing up without a father thing (though some can), but the feeling of having no idea what we’re doing and muddling through the best we can. That’s what this blog is, really. Figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and helping other dads (and moms, too) be the best they can be without necessarily looking at themselves as experts or parenting gurus. It’s fun to see what comes up in their lives.

So Peruse Those Paternal Parenting Puns

So from geek dads to tech dads to stumbling-around-blindly dads, your parenting style is covered somewhere on the internet. WordPress opens up a lot of opportunities for dad blogs, especially with the social circles they set up around their brands. So if you’re a dad and thought about blogging, hopefully you can get some inspiration from these guys.

Are you a dad blogger or have a feed full of dad blogs you want the world to know about? Share the wealth and let’s make some new friends!

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