Girly websites never fail at giving their visitors a calm and refreshing feeling. For this type of website, it’s not as much about what the website can do but what feeling it brings to you. That’s why you’ll notice that most of these websites don’t have too many advanced effects integrated. It goes back to the basics and is all about representing elegance along with the content that is in most cases very visually represented.

You’d be surprised how many “girly” websites are running on WordPress. To give you the slightest clue, we’ve listed 10 very beautiful websites, made with WordPress, which have a girly style to match the message they’re trying to bring.

1. Amy’s Healthy Baking

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To start off our list of girly websites, we’ve decided to show you Amy’s Healthy Baking. The first thing that makes this website stand out is the slightly diagonal menu. It’s something you don’t see that often but this website definitely pulls it off. The website has an excellent structure and focuses primarily on the visuals. For a baking website, that’s the best thing you can go with. It makes it easier to navigate through the content that’s being provided and triggers curiosity.

2. Angie Makes

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Next up, we have the Angie Makes website. This website represents exactly what it is offering; cute WordPress themes and lovely graphics for web and print. The main color being used on this website is not one you come across so often but it definitely provides the website with the elegance and girly factor it wants to give to its visitors. The social icons and call to action in the right corner of the website manage to stand out, although the color being used isn’t that noticeable.

3. Joy The Baker

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The next girly website is Joy The Baker. There are colors everywhere. Primarily, in the website content but the website owner also decided to represent those colors in the logo at the top of the page as well; this site goes visual all the way. One of the very nice-looking things of this website is the sidebar that doesn’t start right away but right after the hero section of the page.

4. Felicia Day

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One of the next girly websites is the official website of Felicia Day, a professional actress. This website has an overall very clean and sober feeling but some details make the website very feminine, such as the light pink background with patterns and the font families that are being used. The navigation on this website doesn’t look like something you see that often. Instead of using menu items lined up next to each other, each one of the pages is part of a storytelling process and gets explained even before clicking.

5. We Heart This

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Moving on, we’re going to take a look at the We Heart This website. This website revolves all around very girly stuff, no wonder their website looks as girly as the topic they are handling. Besides giving you that girly vibe, the website also uses some very summery colors that put people at ease and give them a holiday feeling. A nice extra touch to the website is the iInstagram feed that’s been provided at the end of the page.

6. The Beauty Department

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Those people who love makeup will definitely love the website of The Beauty Department as well. This website is pretty well known in the makeup industry and provides dozens of tips and tricks to their visitors. With a topic such as makeup, it’s only predictable that the website will look very gily. Although it’s girly, they’ve also managed to bring a sense of maturity to the website by using soft colors that reflect feminity and professionality at the same time.

7. Joliette

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Joliette is a very girly website on first sight, the logo that is being used gives that away. A website that is girly is often also well-organized as well. The Joliette website is a perfect example for that. The posts that are shared on the home page immediately manage to draw visitors’ attention. The fonts are elegant yet not too playful and the color combination gives that fancy touch to the minimalistic layout.

8. My Beauty Bunny

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Another beauty blog that runs on WordPress is My Beauty Bunny. This one is probably one of the girliest websites of them all. With colors like pink and mint green that frequently appear on the website, this website represents girliness at its finest. Visuality is not missing at all and starts right at the top of the page where the website owner decided to add a personal touch and introduction with an Instagram feed right away.

Made With Divi

9. Anita Costa

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The first girly website that is made with Divi, and that we want to share with you, is Anita Costa. A beautiful coaching website that uses very girly yet elegant colors. The website owner immediately starts by representing herself in the hero section of the website. Besides, the website is also available in three languages; English, French and Portuguese.

10. Life on a Plate

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The second and last Divi website in our list of girly websites is life on a plate. Although this website doesn’t necessarily use girly colors, the look and feel of the website still feel very girly. Something that we’ve seen in all of the girly websites we’ve mentioned up until now is the white background color that allows the other colors to draw the attention. The girly factors of this website are the font families and layout that are being used.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve shown you some girly websites that are made with WordPress. We’ve noticed that most of them have some things in common such as the use of soft colors, elegant fonts and light background colors. If you have any questions or suggestions; make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below.

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