Love it or hate it, Facebook is everywhere. Virtually no website you visit is vacant of it, whether they’re promoting their own page, letting you leave a comment using your FB account, or just analyzing user behavior with the Facebook tracking pixel. With that in mind, if you’re looking for any kind of WordPress Facebook plugins to enhance what your site can offer, look no further.

1. Custom Facebook Feed

Normally, you wouldn’t want to embed your Facebook page or personal timeline in your website as primary content. It’s not indexed like normal content, and your site wouldn’t get any link juice for it. However, Custom Facebook Feed gives you a customizable way to include your feed in your WordPress website that search engines can crawl and give you that Google-ranking goodness. Additionally, you can customize the feed to include whatever you want, such as only events you want to promote.

More Information | Price: Free ($49 Pro upgrade)

2. Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed

Say that plugin name three times fast, would ya? Despite the unwieldy name, this plugin is all about making things quick and easy for your visitors. Not only can you customize the design and type of content that displays on your WordPress site, you also put the social part of the social network at your users’ fingertips. Like the name says, this one’s about social sharing, and the feed it displays creates native versions of your Facebook posts and renders them in a shareable box like a blog post with excerpt and thumbnail. The sharing icons are directly below the image, making it super easy to share.

More Information | Price: $15

3. Facebook Thumb Fixer

Simple and to-the-point, Facebook Thumb Fixer solves the issue of FB grabbing the wrong image when a post is shared. It uses open-graph to do this, and it works like a charm. Just set a featured image, and you’re good to go. If you don’t use featured images, then you set a singular fallback image. Easy peasy.

More Information | Price: Free

4. Live Chat with Facebook Messenger

Zotabox has one of our favorite WordPress Facebook plugins with their Live Chat entry. It’s easy to install and quick to set up. Your visitors will have the option to leave a message and like your page from anywhere on your site. Rather than an email contact form, they will be connected directly with you through your page and their Messenger. If you use Messenger or the Pages app, then it’s a real-time conversation between you and a user. It is great at building relationships and promoting your brand socially.

More Information | Price: Free

5. Facebook Messenger for WordPress

Like the Zotabox plugin above, this premium plugin helps cover your bases in much the same way. The big selling point to this plugin versus the free one above is that you get a lot more customization options here. If you don’t want to run the Facebook Blue theme, change it. You get WPML support, and if you don’t want a hover button, you can include it as an embedded part of your site — including on WooCommerce product pages.

More Information | Price: $25

6. Simple Facebook Plugin

Again, this one’s name says exactly what it is. It’s a simple Facebook plugin that lets you gain likes, embed recent posts, show upcoming events and even let people drop you a line by sending a message to the page. It’s useful and simple, especially if you just want minimal Facebook presence with maximal engagement.

More Information | Price: Free

7. Facebook Comment Slider

Some people aren’t fans of the default WordPress comments. If you’re one of them, maybe Facebook Comment Slider will fit your needs. Instead of using the Name/Email/URL of most WP sites, this plugin lets your users talk about your content using their Facebook accounts. It expands and collapses, and it even has animations to draw people’s attention to the comment box. Using FB comments can lower spam rates and can help people keep their calm in the comments by removing the shield of internet anonymity. If that sounds good to you, check this one out.

More Information | Price: $15

8. WP Facebook Login

If you want to add a social login to your /wp-admin page, this is one of the easiest ways to do it. Your users have their normal WP user name, but linking a Facebook account to it is really simple with this plugin. The real benefit to this is that users are still using their WordPress user account, so their site info stays with you and them — only the login is handled by the Facebook protocol.

More Information | Price: Free

9. WP Facebook Auto Publish

Sure, you can use the Jetpack Connect features to share your content, but if you’re up  to using WordPress Facebook plugins, you can do so much more than that. WP Facebook Auto Publish lets you post the content itself (not just share the post) to your Facebook page (taking an image from the blog and using your content as the FB post, for example). You can filter certain kinds of content that gets sent over, as well as sharing text and links and excerpts. It gives you a ton of control over how you share your content, and it will give your page a lot more appeal than just having blog after blog shared automatically.

More Information | Price: Free

10. Social Warfare

This one’s not limited to Facebook, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best WordPress Facebook plugins out there. In terms of sharing plugins, everyone has an entry in the market. It’s like contact form plugins. There’s no end to them. However, what Social Warfare does differently is, well, everything. You can set specific images for sharing and author/publisher attribution (mega important), as well as keeping the social buttons clear of share counts until a certain threshold is met. After all, no one wants to see a measly 1 beside their up-and-coming popular blog post. You have analytics and campaign tracking, and that’s only part of it. If you have a Facebook marketing strategy that ties into WordPress, look at Social Warfare.

More Information | Price: Free ($29 Pro upgrade)

11. Facebook Content Locker

Sometimes, you don’t want everything out in the open. Sometimes, you need to incentivize people to either share or get their liking fingers over to your Facebook page. That’s where this plugin comes in. Using this, you can lock specific content behind a Facebook share dialog. You can lock individual images, text, videos or anything else behind their FB login. So if you want to give folks who like your page a little extra love, this is how to do it. They have the option of not seeing the content, too, by simply closing the dialog box to dismiss it.

More Information | Price: $15

Feeling Social?

I sure hope so! After those eleven entries, I think there’s more than a little sharing and posting and community building about to happen. Remember, no amount of WordPress Facebook plugins is guaranteed to make your next blog post go viral. But if you pick the right tools and make it easy for your audience to interact with your content, the chances of your post making the rounds go up a lot. Just be sure to include a funny cat video, too. You don’t need a plugin for that, though.

What WordPress Facebook plugins do you use on your site?

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