Consulting is big business online and every consultant needs an amazing website. Divi is a great choice for consultant websites as there are plenty of professionally designed layouts and child themes to choose from. In this article, we will look at the 16 best Divi child themes for consultants to help you get a quick start on your next Divi project. The child themes are in no particular order.

1. Versatile

Versatile was designed with female coaches, mentors, trainers, information marketers, and course developers in mind. It comes with 9 page layouts that include a long-form landing page, 3 Bloom opt-in forms, several Divi forms (so you can use either Bloom or the Divi forms), inline and sidebar styling for Monarch, and more. It also includes custom font and Font Awesome integration.

Price: £79 | More Information

2. Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer was designed for coaches and speakers who are also authors. It includes 11 page layouts, a subscribe page, custom header, a blog landing page, and horizontal opt-ins. Lots of small animations are placed throughout. It also has blubrry podcast integration with a podcast custom post type. It’s an excellent choice for business coaching and podcasting.

Price: $125 | More Information

3. Thrive

Thrive was designed specifically for consultants, mentors, and coaches. It comes with 6 main pages, 2 Bloom opt-in forms, and several Divi opt-in forms in case you’re not using Bloom. Features include a lead magnet, call to action, a global footer, and custom fonts. It has a feminine design that works well for any type of service business.

Price: £79 | More Information

4. The Grace

The Grace was designed with online entrepreneurs in mind. It includes 6 main pages, a custom top bar with a link, opt-in form, portfolio gallery, and more. It’s a simple design but the clean angles, elegant fonts, and soft colors stand out perfectly. The soft colors work great for female consultants.

Price: $47 | More Information

5. Vivid

Vivid was designed with coaches, mentors, and online educators in mind. It includes 10 main pages, a splash and landing page, a custom 404 page that you can edit with the Divi Builder, archive page, single post page, two policy pages, social network options, styled section dividers, Bloom and Divi contact forms, a custom double menu, and lots more. The logo and menu change color on scroll.

Price: £120 | More Information

6. Kennedy

Kennedy was designed with coaches, motivational speakers, and authors in mind. It comes with 7 page layouts with custom hero sections that include a CTA, a blog landing page, and a service timeline that shows each step of your working process. It also includes a horizontal opt-in form and a custom Caldera form. Subtle animations are used throughout the design.

Price: $95 | More Information

7. Golden Girl

Golden Girl was designed for female service based entrepreneurs. It includes 5 main pages, a blog with a styled sidebar for the single blog posts, styled opt-in form, custom image backgrounds, Google fonts, free images, social buttons in the contact page’s hero section, and more. The peach and pink solid colors and gradients work well for the target audience. I like the blocks of color behind the titles.

Price: $53 | More Information

8. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale was designed specifically for service business with a focus on inbound leads. It’s ideal for any type of consulting or VA business. It comes with 6 main pages, a hero section with a large down arrow, a circle opt-in above the fold, a full-width navigation bar, a horizontal opt-in, a custom blog module, contact form, and a circle testimonial slider. Images are included.

Price: $75 | More Information

9. Success Trainer

Success Trainer was designed for business coaches, mentors, marketers, authors, and trainers. It has 9 page layouts, a ghost-style landing page, an alternate home page with an opt-in above the fold, 5 store layouts, a project layout, custom sidebar, slim Divi subscription form, and more. It’s eCommerce ready so you can sell your own products. An events tool lets you feature your events. It includes sample events, projects, products, and posts to help you get started.

Price: $75 | More Information

10. Consultant

Consultant is a multi-purpose child theme but was designed for companies or agencies that offer any type of consulting services. It comes with 9 pages including 2 versions of the home page, 2 about pages, 2 services pages, and 2 contact pages. It also includes a custom 404 page, FAQ, and a blog detail page. Other features include all social media icons in the header, a hamburger menu with 20 menu styles, a pre-loader, and lots of animations. It’s a great choice for corporate sites.

Price: $22 | More Information

11. Nicepuccino

Nicepuccino is a one-page design with both a child theme and a layout pack. It includes lots of sections with alternate color designs for several of the sections. Sections include 8 customized elements. Special attention was paid to typography and color. It would work great for any type of consulting business or agency.

Price: $49.90 | More Information

12. Maxi

Maxi is a multi-purpose child theme with 26 pages and 40 section layouts. It’s ideal for multiple types of consulting businesses, corporations, agencies, and more. It includes 6 homepages, custom primary menus, hamburger menus, 404 page, animations, pre-loader, social icons, multiple back-to-top button styles, mobile menu styles, a mobile menu, and lots more.

Price: $59 | More Information

13. Professional Business

Professional Business was designed with agencies, start-ups, portfolios, and consultants in mind. It comes with 6 main pages with multiple versions of the home page, about, service, and portfolio pages. It also includes a blog detail page, multiple team pages, multiple testimonial pages, a FAQ, and a 404 page. Other features include a pre-loader and particle effects. The pro edition adds styles for the mobile menu, back-to-top button, and hamburger menu.

Price: Free | More Information

14. Possibilities

Possibilities was designed for coaches, trainers, authors, and VA’s. It comes with 6 main page layouts, a blog post layout, a custom blog module, testimonial slider, Bloom and Monarch installed, a slim Divi subscribe section, a CTA in the menu, styled sidebar, contact form, Font Awesome integration, and lots more. It also includes a box shadow for the title page and down arrow section separators.

Price: $75 | More Information

15. Divi Business Pro

Divi Business Pro was designed for any type of business with conversions in mind. It focuses on showcasing your services and it’s well-suited for consulting businesses of all types. The child theme comes with 7 main pages with multiple home and about pages. It includes a custom blog, archive pages, post navigation, hover animations in the sidebar, a project carousel, client logos with hover animations, and a custom footer.

Price: $59 | More Information

16. Divi Business

Divi Business was designed with service businesses that provide consultations in mind. It comes with 6 main pages with feature blurbs that have a hover effect, a team section with a custom overlay, a custom testimonial slider, and Instagram gallery integration. It has an elegant design that would work great for consulting agencies.

Price: Free | More Information

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at the 16 best Divi child themes for consultants. No matter what type of design you’re looking for, there’s sure to be something on this list to give you a head start on your next Divi project. Check them out and see what you think.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these Divi child themes for consultants? Let us know what you think about them in the comments below.

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