divi feature sneak peek

An Enhanced Divi Builder in the Backend

We are bringing a whole new level of functionality to the Divi Builder on the backend. If you use Divi or the Divi Builder Plugin, you are going to love this new feature.

With this new Divi Builder update, you will have access to all the powerful features of the Visual Builder directly from the WP Admin. This will enhance the speed and productivity of design and development since you no longer have to go back and forth between builders. It’s all right there in one place.

divi feature sneak peek

Enhanced Divi Builder UI on the Backend

New Settings and View Mode bars will enhance user experience and speed up the process of building beautiful websites.

For those that don’t use the Visual Builder, you will soon get a new builder interface that brings all of the Visual Builder’s interface improvements into the backend.

Settings and View Mode Menu Bars

You can easily access the new builder interface conveniently placed at the top of the builder. This interface includes a new view mode menu bar and an improved settings menu bar.

divi feature sneak peek

View Modes Bring the
Visual Builder to the Backend

Building your site with the Divi Builder on the backend can be stifled by the constant need to preview changes on a separate page. But with this update, the Divi Builder experience will be unified for even faster development. You can easily toggle through different view modes without ever having to leave the page.

divi feature sneak peek

Like the Visual Builder, you will have view modes for wireframe, desktop, tablet, and smartphone. You will also have access to Interaction Mode icons to customize the user experience of designing in the visual view modes.

divi feature sneak peek

Wireframe View Mode

For those that enjoy the classic builder, the wireframe mode will provide the familiar UI you need. The Builder will default to wireframe mode which is very similar to the classic builder interface. But now you will have the option to deploy the visual builder right on the backend.

divi feature sneak peek

In addition to wireframe view mode, the new functionality will allow users to easily select view modes for desktop, tablet, and smartphone to view and edit your page visually just like in the Visual Builder.

Desktop View Mode

divi feature sneak peek

Tablet and Smartphone View Mode

The view modes for tablet and smartphone will allow you to make those necessary adjustments to make your site look great on all devices.
divi feature sneak peek

Zoomed Out View Mode

Need to see more of your page? The Zoomed out view mode will allow you to make changes to your page from a higher viewpoint.
divi feature sneak peek

divi feature sneak peek

All the Features of the Visual Builder
Now in the Backend

Use the Divi Builder without missing out on all the features of the Visual Builder.

The Divi Builder on the backend has been missing out on some powerful design features currently only available in the visual builder. But now you will enjoy all the same features in the backend.

Here are just a few features that you will now be able to enjoy in the Divi Builder on the backend:

and much more!

divi feature sneak peek

Divi. A More Powerful Place to Build.

We all have our unique ways of using the Divi Builder to design our websites. Some of us are more geared to building on the backend and others are more geared to using the frontend visual builder. Now we won’t have to choose. The Divi Builder on the backend has everything at your fingertips if and when you need it.

That’s all for this week’s sneak peek but don’t forget to come back next week (and every week after) for more insights into how we’re working to make Divi the absolute best way to design websites with WordPress.

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