A Major Color Upgrade is Coming to Divi

In today’s sneak peek we are proud to announce that our designers and developers are hard at work bringing a new and improved color management system to Divi.

Divi’s new color manager will be a massive improvement for designers wanting to easily use a consistent and harmonious color palette throughout their website. Of course, Divi already makes it easy for users to save their preferred color palette in their theme options and retrieve those colors throughout Divi’s modules, but this new and improved color manager will bring some powerful new functionality that is sure to save time and improve your color choices.

Welcome to Smart Color Management

Divi’s new color management system will make choosing the right color easier in any situation.

Where Divi’s new color management system separates itself from the current one, is with two new functions that make creating and iterating on your color choices fast and easy. Not only giving you the confidence to experiment like never before, but the ability to end up with better results.

Recent Colors

We’re all familiar with Saved Colors, which is part of our current color management system. But the new color management system also saves Recent Colors. It will identify and save the eight most recently used colors throughout the Divi Builder so that you can quickly and easily view and select them for whatever element you’d like to add a splash of color to next.



Suggested Colors

Then things really get interesting with Divi’s new Suggested Colors feature, which analyzes the colors you’ve already saved/used and provides you with a palette of suggestions that compliment them! Taking the guesswork out of finding secondary or complimentary colors to those you’ve already used.



A Designer at Your Side

We’re excited to make this new color management system a reality for Divi users everywhere. We’re confident that it’s new functionality will be a game changer. Like having a designer on hand at all times to help with one of web design’s trickiest tasks, color selection!

We hope you’re excited too! As always, we can’t wait to see what you think of this fun and useful new feature, currently in the works. Let us know what you think and how this will affect your web design work in the comments.

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