Every Post Type Powered by the Divi Builder

Currently the Divi Builder can be used on posts, pages, and projects. Soon, that same power will be expanded to all post types.

Last week we teased the upcoming Dynamic Content feature release. Having more robust dynamic content in Divi will bring us one (extremely important) step closer to some other really exciting features. One of which, is this week’s sneak peek: Divi Powered Post Types.

Divi Powered Post Types is part of a set of planned Divi Feature Releases we’ve got in store for you designed to bring the Divi Builder to every area of your WordPress website. And I’m excited to share that we’re already hard at work making this feature (and its other related features) a reality.

The New Post Types Management System

When we release Divi Powered Post Types you’ll be able to enable or disable the Divi Builder on any post type–whether it’s custom built by you or provided by a third party plugin–with a single click from Divi’s Theme Options.

The new Post Types Management System being added to Divi’s Theme Options will make it easy for you to work with the editor of your choice on your website’s most important content. Whether that’s on event pages, product pages, course pages, or something else.

post types

What You’ll Be Able to Do

When you enable to Divi Builder on the post types of your choice, all of the power of the Divi Builder will be added to the main content area of that post type. Making it easier than ever to design the exact layout you want for each and every piece of content on your website.

When combined with other future feature releases, like dynamic content, you’ll be able to create dynamically updating, Divi powered, custom post type templates for every kind of website imaginable. We’re going to see new takes on Divi websites for car dealerships, online courses, job listings, events, and so much more. And that’s not even counting all the things you’ll be able to create with custom post types and fields! The possibilities will truly be limitless.

Paving the Way for Greatness

Both the dynamic content update and the post types update are paving the way for yet another highly anticipated feature release: a Divi Theme Builder.

For those of you who have been wondering (particularly in the comments of last week’s sneak peek) yes, we are indeed building up to a release we know everyone will be excited about: a Divi Theme Builder! As we said above and hinted at throughout last week’s and this week’s sneak peeks our plan is to bring the Divi Builder to every part of your WordPress website. Due to the nature of product development, we don’t like to put hard dates on these releases but we can assure you that our team is hard at work on all of these features and next week we’ll have even more details concerning Divi’s impending theme builder and what that will mean for Divi users. See you then!

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