The Divi Theme Builder is Coming

As many of you know we’ve been working up to this announcement for weeks with a series of sneak peeks including dynamic content and Divi powered post types. This week, it is our distinct pleasure, to finally (and officially!) announce that we are hard at work bringing a robust theme builder to Divi.

Since its launch Divi has been popular because of the power it provides and the creativity it unleashes for every WordPress user. And for nearly just as long those same users have wanted us to extend that power and creativity to every page, post, area, and template file in WordPress. Well now, it’s happening.

Every Pixel Powered by Divi

Just as Divi has forever changed the way we design posts and pages, so the Divi Theme Builder will forever change the way we place each and every pixel on a WordPress website–from header to footer and custom post type to page template.

When Divi’s theme builder feature is released a new submenu will appear in WP-Admin under Divi. This submenu, aptly named Theme Builder, will allow you to assign default “Templates” to different pages and posts. A template will consist of three ares: Header Area, Body Area, and Footer Area. Each of these areas can be built and customized using Divi Builder layouts.

You’ll be able to
Build Templates & Assign Display Settings

build custom areas

Templates will be designed first on a macro level by assigning the content areas as either custom or global. Global content areas will propagate the same content across your entire website on every page for which that global content area has been activated. When you want to break the mold, you can choose to make any content area on any template a custom design.


You can even get granular with your template settings by choosing to display templates by pages, posts, categories, and more. Freeing you from the need to touch a WordPress page template file ever again.

Designing Your Template Content
Will Be a Seamless Visual Experience

404 Page

And once you dive into designing the content itself, the experience is seamless because you’re right back inside the visual builder. Where your creativity, unfettered from technical restraints, will be better equipped than ever before to bring pixel perfect design to your entire WordPress website.

The Divi Builder Unleashed

The Divi Theme Builder will bring the full power of Divi to headers, footers, 404 pages, archive pages, and more.

We hope you’re as excited about this upcoming release and those we’ve already teased that will lead up to it. In anticipation of this release, tell us in the comments what you plan to create with Divi’s theme builder, dynamic content, and Divi powered post types. We can’t wait to help you bring those visions to life!

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