Our Biggest Font Options Upgrade Ever

This is a huge update with so many new font options. You wont believe how much more you can do, and have much easier those things are to achieve.

We have an amazing Divi update for you today, filled with so many of the features you have been requesting, and so much more too. Today we are launching our brand new font options interface, filled with 600 new fonts, improved font management, custom font uploading, new font styles, better font weight controls, fine tuned heading style management, heading level selection and dozens of new design options for the text module.

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The Brand New Font Options Interface

Today we are introducing a brand new interface for managing fonts in the Divi Builder. This UI is packed with new fonts, new features and improved user experience.

600 New Fonts To Choose From

We are quadrupling the available fonts in Divi from 200 to 800! In addition to this static list of 800 fonts, you can also add your Google API key to the Divi Theme Options which will keep your fonts list updated daily. Every time a new Google font is added, it will show up in the Divi Builder automatically! These new fonts open up so many new opportunities to design stunning, unique pages.

Easily Search The Font List

This new list of fonts is huge, but finding your desired font is easier than ever thanks to Divi’s new font search feature. When you open the new font selection menu, you can simply start typing the name of your desired font and the list will be filtered accordingly.

Quickly Access Recently Used Fonts

Whenever you use a font in the Divi Builder, that font gets added to your “Recent Fonts” list, which is quickly accessible at the top of the font selection menu. When you are designing a page with custom fonts, your desired font will always be right where you want it at the top of the font list! No need to remember the name of the font or to hunt through the menu. This saves so much time.

Live Preview Fonts On Hover

Finding the perfect font is a lot easier now thanks to our new font preview system. As you scroll through the font list in the new font selection menu, fonts are loaded in automatically on hover to give you a live preview of the font before you select it.

Upload And Manage Custom Fonts

In addition to the 800 fonts that come with Divi, you can also upload your own custom font files right from inside the builder. Simply select your .eot, .woff2, .woff, .ttf, or .otf files, give your font a name and you’re done! Your new custom font will show up in the font selection menu near the top of the list. You can upload, delete and manage your custom fonts without leaving the builder or refreshing the page.

New Font Style Options

New font styling options have been added to all modules, including small caps, strike-through, underline and double underline. These new styles also come with additional options that allow you to customize the added line elements.

Better Font Weight Choices

All of Divi’s 800 fonts are equipped with dynamic font weight choices. When you select a font, all of the available font weights will be loaded into the new font weight option allowing you to select anything from Ultra Thin to Ultra Bold. This gives you so much more control than before (Divi previously only supported two font weights: Normal and Bold).

Fine-Tuned Heading Controls
For All Modules

Now you can control heading levels for all modules and applying custom styles to H1-H6 headings.

Customize Each Heading Level Individually

You can now create custom design styles for each heading level in the Divi Builder, assigning custom fonts, text sizes and font styles to H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 independently. This makes custom headings so much more useful and practical when used inside of the Divi text module.

Choose Heading Levels For Each Module

You can also adjust the heading level used in each Divi module. Change the default heading of your blurb module from H4 to H2, or change the default heading of your Slider module from H2 to H1, allowing you to better control the hierarchy of your page for search engines.

Countless New Design Options
For Text Modules

Dozens of new design options have been added to the text module giving our more control over standard text elements.

The New Text Design Interface

The Divi text module has a brand new tabbed interface for managing custom text styles, including controls for standard paragraphs, blockquote, lists and anchor links. Now you can control styles without having to apply custom HTML or inline CSS using the text editor.

Customize Your Lists

You can now customize your list styles in the Divi text module. Change the font, font style, text size and color. Customize the list style type, position and indentation.

Customize Your Links

You can now customize your anchor link styles in the Divi text module. Change the font, font style, text size, color and more. No need to use inline CSS or apply custom colors to each link in the TinyMCE text editor.

Customize Your Block Quotes

You can now customize your blockquote styles in the Divi text module. Change the font, font style, text size, color and more. You can even adjust the blockquote’s default border weight and color.

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