Hey Divi Nation! We’ve got a little something different for you this week in the form of a new Divi Nation Short. In this episode I’ll be talking about three things: First, I’ll be providing an update on where our Meetup community is at and what our goals are for the remainder of the year. Second, I’ll explain how you can become a Divi Nation Meetup Event Host. And finally, I’ll walk you through how to go about getting your first Divi Nation Meetup off the ground.

Sounds good? I hope so, because here we go!

How to Create Your First Divi Nation Meetup (in Just 4 Steps!) – Divi Nation Short

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1. Divi Nation Meetup Update

Ok so let’s talk about where the Divi Nation Meetup community is right now.

From a purely numbers perspective, we’re just shy of 500 members. This is pretty modest growth for the year; averaging out to about 17 new members per month.

It’s clear to me that growth in our member count is closely tied to how many events we do per year. We get the bulk of our new members whenever we start promoting a new Meetup here on the blog. So if we’re going to see more growth in the remainder of this year and throughout 2018, we’ll need to schedule a lot more meet ups.

That’s where the next stat comes into play! I’m happy to report that we now have eleven community members who have volunteered themselves to organize local meetups in their areas.

It looks like two of them, Kolleen and Patty Rose, have organized one new event and I’ve head rumblings from others that their first event is one the way too.

In my experience, it’s the first event that takes the longest to get going but after you have a few under your belt it can really start to pick up.

Which brings us to our second point.

2. How You Can Become a Divi Nation Meetup Host

This one is easy so it won’t take much time to explain. If you’re interested in becoming a local host for Divi Nation events, all you have to do is join our meetup page and send me a message on there expressing your interest. We’ll have a short back and forth, I’ll share with you our Event Host Handbook, and then we’ll work together to get your first event on the calendar. Easy as that!

And to prove it, I’m going to share a bit of our Event Host Handbook with you to show you the kinds of resources we’re developing for the community to use.

3. How to Launch Your First Divi Nation Meetup

1. Choose a topic and a Format


  • Presentations on predefined topics.
  • Panel discussions.
  • Round tables.
  • Workshops.
  • Open Q&A.
  • Social Mixer.


  • Getting Started with Divi
  • Getting Started with Extra
  • How to Create Your Own Divi Child Theme
  • How to Build a One-Page Website with Divi
  • How to Customize Divi to Fit Your Brand Without Using Any Code
  • How to Achieve a Unique Header/Menu Design with Divi
  • How to Use Divi’s Pre-Made Layouts to Achieve Unique Designs
  • Getting the Most out of the Divi Library
  • An Overview of Divi’s Visual Builder
  • Discovering Divi’s “Hidden” Features
  • Master Split Testing with Divi Leads
  • Using the Divi Builder Plugin with ______ Theme (or themes)
  • Creating a Stunning Home Page with the Divi Builder
  • Using Divi’s Blank Page Template for Effective Splash Pages
  • Building Your Email List with Divi and Bloom
  • Increase and Track Your Social Media Performance with Divi and Monarch
  • Making Your Divi Website Mobile Friendly
  • Mastering Global Modules, Rows, & Sections
  • Importing & Exporting Divi Builder Layouts & Library Collections
  • Understanding the Different Types of Divi Sections
  • Understanding Divi Rows & Row Options
  • How to Achieve Stunning Multi-Layer Parallax in Divi Without Any Code
  • How to Create a Basic Portfolio Website with Divi
  • How to Create Your Own Online Store with Divi and WooCommerce

2. Book a Venue

The following types of venues are viable options in most towns or cities:

  • Public Library
  • Community Center
  • Startup or Tech Incubator
  • Co-working Spaces
  • Colleges
  • Coffee Shops
  • Bars/Restaurants

When booking your venue, take the following things into account:

  • Is the location easy to find?
  • Is there space for 10-20 people?
  • Will the group have enough quiet and privacy to conduct a meaningful discussion?
  • Is there equipment available for you to do presentations? (Projector, screen, etc.)
  • Are there plenty of plugs available for people who have brought laptops?
  • Is it ok to have food and drinks?
  • Are there accessible bathrooms?
  • Is the location handicap accessible?

3. Create Your Event Posting

At this point you’ve already done all the hards stuff. Now all that’s left to do is create your posting and promote it!

Meetup is an incredibly simple tool to use and our event host handbook has step by step instructions on how to create your posting and what details you should include.

4. Promote Your Meetup(s)

Once you’ve created your Event posting it’s time to promote it.

The first and easiest thing you should do is announce your event. This is a feature of Meetup that simply notifies everyone who is a member of our group that a new event is on the calendar.

After that though, it’s time to get creative. Here are a few promotional tips that should help though:

Leverage your personal network. If you know people in your area who use Divi, shoot them an email, text, Facebook message, tweet, smoke signal, or whatever it takes to let them know you’ve got an event planned just for them.

Once you get a few RSVP’s ask those attendees to leverage their personal networks too.

Start a Facebook group for your meetup.

Create flyers and place them at coffee shops, around universities, etc.

Ask to be placed on the announcements of local newspapers, blogs, or newsletters in your area.

Schedule and announce 3+ meetups in advance. This allows people to get in the habit of RSVPing to your event and attending on a regular basis.

If you want to go really crazy, we have an even more complete list of ideas in our Event Organizer Handbook. Which, if you follow it to the letter, we’re confident you’ll have an active local Divi meetup in no time.

And that’s it, that’s how you—yes, you—can start your very own local Divi Nation Meetup in just four steps.

So get on Meetup today. Join our page. Shoot me a message. And let’s get the process started.

Go to Divi Nation Meetup Page

See You Next Week!

Well that’s all for this week’s episode. I hope this has inspired some of you to join our Meetup Group and start hosting Divi Nation Meetup in your local area. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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